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 Our previous Countryworx introduction on this home page was a long the lines that you may have one or two guitars and they could be Fender, Ibanez, Les Paul etc. and why not purchase a Shijie.  All that was true, however, I just received a review of the Shijie Super Stratocaster and really could not let this opportunity pass to let you view a customers comments.  So below is David's story, we hope your like it

All the reviews are true - David From Melbourne Victoria: 

A high quality instrument at a very competitive price. I don’t usually write product reviews, but I feel this had to be said, and would help other guitarist discover an insanely good guitar company. I was in the market for a super strat style guitar, and after hours of research, watching video reviews and scrolling through guitar forums, I found my best sounding and playing guitar. After putting in an order, Shijie then proceeded to build the guitar, rather than being “mass produced”. It took about a week to build, and it was worth the wait. 

I scanned every cm/inch of the guitar and could not find a single flaw or mild “annoyance”. Having owned several guitars, this was the first time this has happened. The luthiers at Shijie know what they are doing. 

Here’s a summary of what I’ve concluded: Tuners- Shijie’s in-house locking tuners. High quality materials, very solid.  Nut – Cut perfectly. Neck – Very comfortable and fast. Slim and easy to shred on, not overly thin like some super strats that make it uncomfortable to play chords. Frets- I requested Shijie to upgrade to stainless steel frets at an extra cost. This was reasonable as the guitar is already priced very fairly compared to the competition. 

The frets are smooth when you rub your hand up and down the neck, no sharp fret ends. Upon close inspection, you can tell the luthiers at Shijie take their time to install and sand the frets very well. This can be seen in their factory tour video on their YouTube channel. Pickups- Perfectly spec’d for a super strat. Bright and articulate even under heavy gain, cleans up very well. Split coils are very usable and sound great. Tremolo system – Shijie’s inhouse bridge is very stable, I could do EVH style divebombs and it still stays in tune- was shocked. This is probably the combination of the locking tuners and perfectly cut nut working together in harmony. 

Other thoughts – Came setup perfectly, shielding in the control cavity – how many companies still bother to do this? Brass tremolo block. Finish (Quilted Violet) is beautiful and unique. Guitar is lightweight, yet no neck dive. 

I read on their website that Shijie founder Alex Wong inspects every guitar before they leave the factory. I can confirm I have his signature on the quality check sheet, in addition to 2 other employees. Feel comfortable buying online knowing this kind of pride in their craftsmanship and degree of quality checking. Well done Shijie! Thanks Keno and Countryworx for keeping me update on the build and shipping status. Very fast to respond to my messages.  


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Please note if your location is outside Australia, extra delivery charges will be necessary please contact Countryworx if outside Australia. 

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